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How are we different?
We always keep abreast of insurance plans, rules and regulation changes!

  • We consult with you to determine your insurance needs
  • We help you to find the right insurance solution that fits your budget
  • We offer a solution that's right for your medical needs
  • We help you select the best health, dental or vision plan for your business

We are knowledgeable about the new Affordable Care Act

We can help you get enrolled in the new Health Insurance Exchanges

We are keeping abreast of all health care reform laws so you can concentrate on running your business

As a small business owner you don't have time to understand all the different health care options available. You want to choose the plan that is cost effective for you and your employees.

As an individual you were shocked to learn you were losing your employee sponsored health insurance plan. You need a new plan but don't have time or the patience to research insurance plans that are available.

Melissa can work with you to determine
the best INSURANCE for you or your company!

Melissa is a insurance consultant, not simply an insurance agent. She does this for a living - and it's not just a 'side line business' for her. Because of this she knows

  • insurance rules and regulations (ACA training)
  • the types of plans available from different PPO or HMO companies
  • the types of options available
  • the common pitfalls to avoid in insurance plan selection
  • the best plans for a small business - either a solo practice or with employees
  • the best plans for an individual with or without health issues

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Melissa was sited online as the knowledgeable resource to find answers about all the recent health industry changes.

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We can offer you a wide variety of insurance plans to meet your individual or small business insurance needs.