Client Testimonials

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I recently left a job and needed to satisfy a 90 day waiting period (more due to 'first of the following month'). I waited until the last minute to decide if I should use my State Continuation rights so that I didn't have a break in coverage that would result in any pre-ex problems. Melissa was able to help me in one day get a quote, apply and bind the coverage. The policy was a temporary one and no one had mentioned this to me as an option until Melissa did. It's exactly what I need until my employer plan kicks in and the price was the most competitive I had seen. Melissa is super responsive, creative and knows how to expedite the process and mostly, is very knowledgeable on what your options are. I recommend Melissa to anyone looking for health and life coverage'.
~ B.R., Austin
You have been most helpful with insurance advice during our overseas adoption. We are glad we were able to get coverage for our little girl. You are appreciated.
~ Clary R.
Melissa helped me sort out the mess of too many plan options and insurance providers to select the plan that offered me the best coverage at an affordable price! She even helped with the confusing paperwork and understanding the medical questions asked on the form
~ Sue F.
I want to applaud you efforts on HCIL's behalf.
~ Sandra B., - Executive Director
Thank you Melissa...I certainly know it's not your have been only a blessing for us and always have made yourself available and been so helpful. My frustration is with the insurance companies. It's a service we have to have and I appreciate having you representing us and to talk with....thank you again for being there for us!!
~ Cheryl B. - Executive Director of non-profit agency.
I am so glad to know someone like you who is not only selling insurance, but willing to do whatever is necessary to make sure that people are served by their insurance. You are a real advocate for people's health and I am honored to know you and I know that the work you do is honorable and sometimes even heroic. So there is no question of thinking about someone else when it comes to health insurance.
~ Alistair J. - Austin Acupuncturist.